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So it's been a hot minute since my last update but things are moving along. Question One was answered by a combination of the second answer I proposed and an agreement to adjust the question itself since it's wording didn't really say whether we were talking about partial or complete removal. Knowing that most of the dread wax could be removed during the first hot rinse sparked some additional questions. An experiment with a longer time frame will be needed to learn more and there are some other questions that we'll be able to answer effectively at the same time. I'm hoping that with one long term experiment we can knock out 5 or 6 of the original questions.

Since measuring the tightness of a dread is important to determining a dreads maturity I put together a pretty easy, accurate and repeatable way to measure dread tightness. We'll be able to use this for future experiments where we look at how long it takes for a dread to mature.

How to measure the tightness of Dreadlocks.

Lastly I want everyone to look at the "Dreadlocks Treaty" below. I'm looking for help from all participants to perfect the wording so that it's something we all can agree upon. In short it's a promise to work towards and agreement about each of the topics the debate covers and spread the truth as we discover it. It's purpose is to make the work that we are doing more permanent so that it's available to help people that have these same questions in the future. This type of permanence is the source of my motivation for the debate. When we come to an agreement on the wording well open the Treaty membership and begin accepting signatures.

Here is the current Version of the Dreadlocks Treaty:

I understand that there are at least two ideas of what constitutes beautiful and ideal dreadlocks, and although I will continue to pursue the type of dreadlocks that I find personally appealing I will be understanding and considerate of others who may have different ideas regarding what constitutes ideal dreadlocks.

I agree to do what's necessary to ensure that the final conclusions of the Dreadlocks Treaty Debate represent my beliefs and have my complete support. I understand the the Dreadlocks Treaty Debate is open to input from all members of the dreadlocks community regardless of their belief system, sex, race or dreadlocks preferences and that it is my responsibility to understand what has been said in the debate so that I can determine if I agree. If I do not agree with any or all points I understand it is my responsibility to raise counterpoints and support them with factual evidence.

I agree to make arguments based on reason, logic and quantifiable measurements and I'll avoid assertions and accusations for which I can not provide factual evidence. My focus will remain on  moving the discussion forward and working to determine the objective truth.

Once I am in agreement with all of the conclusions I will diligently avoid misleading statements and I will share my understanding of the facts by providing links and information to those that haven't been exposed to the conclusions of the Dreadlocks Treaty Debate. I will also review any editable public media that I have control over to eliminate statements that contradict the conclusions of the Dreadlocks Treaty Debate.

This is a work-in-progress. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve it please let me know!!



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