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Question One - Almost Done



I wanted to make good progress on this question today and I definitely succeeded there, unfortunately I neglected everything else so I'm stopping now so I can play catchup for the next few hours. I'm uploading the finished video now and I'll finish up the writing and pictures tomorrow.

There is one thing that needs attention and I need everyone's help on it.

At this point we still don't have any type of agreement or "treaty" in place.  The treaty is basically everyone's promise to participate in finding the truth by focusing on facts and things that everyone can verify for themselves, and then once it's found and we agree on what is true we must promise not to betray or contradict it.

For example if I'm unable to prove that DreadHead Dread Wax has a melting point low enough that it can be removed with a hairdryer or hot shower then I must remove claims from my site that say it's possible to remove it and I must not make any comments or posts on my site or on any other in the future saying that it can be removed. My signature on the treaty is my word. If I don't comply I will be in violation of the Dreadlocks Treaty and I'll bring dishonor to myself and my company.

Of course it works both ways. If I am successful in demonstrating that DreadHead Dread Wax has a melting point low enough that it can be removed with a hairdryer or hot shower then you must accept that it has been proven and you must remove or edit pages that contradict or mislead and refrain from making new misleading posts and comments. If you're talking about another dread wax that can not be removed then you need to make the distinction that DreadHead DreadWax can be removed.

I want your word that you will stand by the conclusion we come to. My intention is that these things will never have to be proven again - that we can do this once and never have to re-visit it in the future and that there will be a permanent resource available to anyone that cares to know the truth.

An agreement of this type and my commitment to the truth is my only motivation to answer these questions, because while it's true that a hand full of people have made a lot of noise against dread wax the demand for dread wax has only increased. This means that I could safely ignore the anti-wax arguments without consequence. I could but I don't. Instead I want to bring these groups together and find a place where we can acknowledge and respect one another. Obviously I can only do this with the cooperation of both groups. Signing the DreadlocksTreaty let's me know that you're willing to cooperate - that you're one of the people that cares more about what really is true than whether or not they happened to be right.


For your consideration here is the first draft of the Dreadlocks Treaty:


I understand that there are at least two ideas of what constitutes beautiful and ideal dreadlocks, and although I will continue to pursue the type of dreadlocks that I find personally appealing I will be understanding and considerate of others who may have different ideas regarding what constitutes ideal dreadlocks.

I agree to do what's necessary to ensure that the final conclusions of the Dreadlocks Treaty Debate represent by beliefs and have my complete support. I understand the the Dreadlocks Treaty Debate is open to input from all member of the dreadlocks community regardless of their belief system, sex, race or dreadlocks preferences and that it is my responsibility to understand what has been said in the debate so that I can determine if I agree. If I do not agree with any or all points I understand it is my responsibility to raise counterpoints and support them with factual evidence.

I agree to make arguments based on reason, logic and quantifiable measurements and I'll avoid assertions and accusations for which I can not provide factual evidence. My focus will remain on the moving the discussion forward and working to determine the objective truth.

Once I am in agreement with all of the conclusions I will diligently avoid misleading statements and I will share my understanding of the facts by providing links and information to those that haven't been exposed to the conclusions of the Dreadlocks Treaty Debate. I will also review any editable public media that I have control over to eliminate statements that contradict the conclusions of the Dreadlocks Treaty Debate.






When the Treaty is signed I would the following information to be given along with a signature:

Screen Name

Confirmed Email Address

Age of Dreadlocks

The Group that you feel you have more in common with: 1 or 2

The Dreadlocks site that the support the most and your title at that site: User, Moderator or Webmaster

Actual Mailing address that you can receive product samples and other mail at.





My bet is that you'll want to make some changes, that's good, let me know what you don't like and what you do and we'll go from there. I would very much like to have a finished agreement with at least two signatures, mine and Mr. Eagles, before the initial answer to question one is posted.


talk soon,




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