And if you have any interest in buying a cookbook, this recipe was adapted from cookbook authors Jeff Hertzberg M.D. I made the first batch per the recipe. Hi Irene, I just added water to the ingredient list. Thank you for taking the time to share that with us. This is my go to recipe from now on. The recipe does actually have the conversion to weight. Hi Jen! Add some grated cheese. Fabulous and perfect recipe (as always). Hi Beth, You can bake the loaves on parchment paper – works like a charm. Hmmm… That’s a bit of a head scratcher for me. Your recipes make my family so happy! The data is calculated through an online nutritional calculator, This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Would appreciate any guidance or ideas you would have. Unfortunately the last 3 loaves have all been very doughy inside even when the crust is well cooked and dark. Sarah, Thanks for your sweet words, Sarah. Hope you enjoy! My kids could not believe only four simple ingredients made something so delicious. I I watch the video of the book you adapted the recipe from. I’ve been using the Hertzberg/Francois recipe that this is based on for years. Thanks for letting is know! Baker’s Tip: Avoid adding too much flour to the dough as you work with it. Great for toasting. This artisan bread is so easy to make, it’s practically foolproof. It’s hard to believe that it was so easy to turn out a loaf of delicious crusty bread. Cover the dough tightly with plastic wrap or aluminum foil and set on the counter at room temperature (honestly any normal room temperature is fine!). Thanks for all you do. However, my family loves it, despite the fact it is pretty flat, haha. To thaw, take the bread out of the freezer and let it come to room temperature, about 3 hours. Xo. im a beginner and all my bread turned out perfect! Thanks! My husband and I ate half the loaf before dinner with an oil and vinegar dip. So, I am definitely going to make the recipe again keeping the water as specified in the recipe and adjusting the flour as you suggest. Can you please send me the link of how to order your book. Along with most of the world, I’ve been baking a lot more these days, and have been looking around for the perfect crusty bread recipe. Hi Gary, I don’t recommend a mixer. Place covered dough in the refrigerator for 12 hours – 3 days. King Arthur has a variety of bread recipes that call for whole-grain flours if you want to check them out here. Hi Kathy, Yes but check to see that it doesn’t evaporate – you may need to add a bit more. Cheers, Art. I use my Dutch oven with the lid on for 30 minutes (so you don’t need the pan of water) then take the lid off for 10 minutes. It is so easy and a hit at my house. Thank you. (If the dough has been refrigerated, allow it to rise for 60 minutes, or up to 90 minutes if you want a more open and airy crumb structure.) Yep that’s fine – I’d do two small loaves and check for doneness around 25 min. Glad you liked it! My dough was a looked a little wetter than Sally’s per the video. thanks! During this 45 minutes, preheat the oven to 475°F (246°C). It is 6 and a half cups of flour. And this recipe has conversions to weight. I’m so glad I found this recipe. After refrigerating it, allow it to rise for 60 minutes, or up to 90 minutes if you want a more open and airy crumb structure. The next morning I sliced thinner and toasted for breakfast with butter and fresh, hot coffee! Or could I substitute half the white flour with whole-wheat flour? While this should be a sticky dough, it sounds like yours is a little too sticky. Slide the dough into the oven, and carefully fill the metal cake pan with one cup of hot tap water. Stir until mixed well. Crusty Artisan Bread Recipe: I’m concerned about the metric measurement in the recipe of 845 grams for 6 3/4 c AP flour. Parchment paper? Thank you for doing incredible recipes! One question, could I make a giant free form loaf? Used my pizza stone and both loaves came out beautifully and tasted delicious. I used dry active yeast and believe I should have added water and sugar/salt before mixing with flour; instead I mixed everything together and then added water. The book says you can, but you won’t get the same crisp crust. Just made the bread! Jenn, can I make this with white whole wheat flour? Please LMK how they turn out! You and your family stay well. Even if you’ve never made homemade bread or worked with yeast before, this homemade crusty artisan bread is for you. I don’t have words to describe how good it was!! Thank You so much for sharing the great recipe. Hope you are doing well! I have been looking for a good recipe for raisin bread or a ‘fruit bread’ eg with dry apricots, dry figs, raisins and cinnamon/spices. I made my last third of dough into rolls and used them for burgers. … Next time, I’d just wrap it a big more snugly in the plastic wrap. It is the 4th bread recipe I have tried and FINALLY — the crust and texture we love! Hi Bettes, this is really easy to mix by hand, but you can use a mixer if you’d prefer. Hope you enjoy! Hope you enjoy! Yes and no… I’ve punched down a couple loaves and other batches I didn’t… and all the loaves have been flat and flour and yeast are both from new packages…so I know freshness of ingredients isn’t the issue. Max. A question: Would incorporating fresh herbs work? Generously dust the dough with flour. I used 4 1/2 cups generic all purpose flour and 2 cups King Arthur white whole wheat flour (13% protein) and it worked! This is a great recipe!! She will make the bread, then she will help her great grandma make garlic butter and jams to include. Hi Elizabeth, I’ve only made this with all-purpose flour so I can’t confidently say how it will turn out with different kinds of flour. Perhaps the difference is in the all purpose flour. Should I put the bread on a rack that’s part of a tray, and then add the water to the tray that the rack sits on? But silly me, it makes the bread outer crust become really hard to cut. . The stickier it is– and the longer it sits in the refrigerator– the more likely you’ll have those big airy pockets of air in the crumb. And if you have any interest in buying a cookbook, this recipe was adapted from cookbook authors Jeff Hertzberg M.D. Hi Thomas, Glad you like the recipes! My serrated knife made a mess of the beautiful bread. Sprinkle with cornmeal. Thanks for sharing this recipe! I made my first loaf of bread EVER. All’s well that ends well — so glad it turned out nicely! Maybe I didn’t add enough flour in the beginning? Will try it as per the recipe next time. Hi Bruce, It should be a bit crispy but not hard. No bread flour, so I’ll have to be extra patient with all-purpose. She made this bread ALL BY HERSELF. Thank you so much! Thank you so much. I’m in CA, and sourdough bread is a regular purchase for us usually. What a lot of questions. i always look for new recipes to try, and since i found this site, i haven’t looked anywhere else. Hi Jenn, it sounds like your dough could benefit from more flour. I’d love to hear how it turns out! I use the spoon and level method for measuring flour and have weighed it many times. This recipe was a disaster. 4 Ingredient No Fail No Knead Artisan Bread that’s easy and delicious! I made this with about 2/3 bread flour and 1/3 white whole wheat flour. My family is always asking me to make this bread. Preheat the oven to 450°F. Real, crusty, chewy, delicious bakery-style loaves that taste incredible with dips, soups, sauces, and comforting dinners? I’m not sure how you do it all, but here’s a heartfelt thank you for making me a better cook! I tend to make it into small individual rolls/loaves, that I heat in the toaster oven and then dip in olive oil and salt. Can’t wait to get to work on it. I love all of your recipes and am excited to try this bread. I’ve made this 3 times and it’s been great every time. It is great to make as no kneading required. Going forward, I would suggest lining the pan with parchment paper (and I would still use the cornmeal for the nice texture it adds). Thanks! Hi Jenn, you bread is amazing. The air bubbles make me look like a pro. Jenn, thank you so much for this fantastic recipe. I halved the recipe as written to make a larger loaf. It’s a very wet/sticky dough. Good luck. This is a WONDERFUL recipe for beginner bread bakers. Add some herbs. The prepared dough can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. And my sister in Mississippi. I couldn’t get the dough off of me or in any type of shape. Or spoon method only? The recipe is modestly adapted from one of my favorite baking books, Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes A Day (affiliate link) by Jeff Hertzberg M.D. This bread is the bomb.Must have made 20 loaves now maybe more.Being handing out to as many mothers as I can since mothers day .Can’t beat the taste .Makes fabulous garlic toast (a little butter ,garlic butter) when bread gets couple days old (if it lasts that long) One problem : Bread always sticks to baking pan .I use medium texture corn meal on baking pan .Should i grease pan.What am i doing wrong ? Sorry the first ones were a bit of a miss, but glad you found a recipe you liked! Add the … But still a great recipe. This bread is addicting!!! The store only had King Arthur’s Stoneground Whole Wheat white flour, will this work the same? Trying to stretch my supplies- I used 1 packet for the whole recipe- I used dry active yeast and I activated it 1st with water and a little sugar. Hi Jen, I’m a little unsure about your directions when using the active dry yeast. Look at those deliciously soft holes inside! YUM! Hi T, sorry to hear you had problems with the dough this time around. Would it be possible to modify the recipe so I could use original yeast? Second time subbed half King Arthur whole wheat flour and unintentionally hit convection setting on my oven. In a very large (6-quart) bowl, whisk together the flour, salt, and yeast. With all of the free time I have right now, I was able to make your bread. I couldn’t even scrape it off my hands. I’m wondering about proportions… would 50/50 wheat/white work? Sadly KA is not to be found at my local grocer so I bought the store brand. If you look at the original recipe by King Arthur Flour, they call for an additional cup of flour for the 3 cups of water you use. If anything, it may have made the crust a little less crispy. The hardest part is waiting through the rise time Well, I cannot begin to tell you how good this was!!! They were crusty on the outside and beautifully soft and light in texture on the inside! I convection baked it and it was little too brown on the outside but still great. Hi Heather, if you bake all three loaves at the same time, they’ll take a bit longer. Hi Jenn: Thank you so much for your thoughtful response, sure appreciate it. I made one of the loaves today and put the rest of the dough in the fridge. I particularly like the way the crust stays really crisp. I would’ve been very impressed if a gentleman ever made bread for me . Do you have to use instant yeast? Hi Max, So glad you enjoy the recipes! Always use floured hands and flour your work surface generously as well. Any advice you have would be much appreciated. But ironically, there isn’t much “work” involved with this recipe. If you found that it was a bit too browned or crunchy, next time you could lay a piece of foil over the loaf toward the very end of the baking time. Thanks so much for sharing this, Jenn! The pan gets dusted with cornmeal, but the dough gets dusted with flour (it helps prevent the knife from sticking when you slash it). So glad you enjoy the recipes, Josephine! Hi Barb, Assuming 1/3 of the dough will fit in your Dutch oven with room to bake, I’d stick with the guidance in the recipe. WOW! We ate one loaf and grudgingly parted with another for their parents. It is great fresh, or course, but I have also kept it on the counter in a bread bag for over a week and it’s still good for dipping or toast, because of its dense texture. Hello I made your Artisan bread recipe it turned out perfect. perfect recipe. The first week of every November is all about Thanksgiving Pies. . Hi Kimberly, I think you could definitely try it but I’m not sure how much dough you’ll need. I also use all-purpose flour. Hi Amy, You can use parchment paper or grease the pan with oil. Always wanted to but was nervous. Bake until the loaf is golden brown, about 30 minutes. Hi Grace, if you bake all three loaves at the same time, they’ll take a bit longer. (Don't overwork the dough; this process should only take about 30 seconds.) Place dough halves on prepared baking sheet. If you really want to use the convection setting, I’d reduce the baking temp by 25°F. I haven’t tasted the bread yet…I think it’s going to slice well and taste good, but it has been a pretty traumatic experience! Thank you! I made dough this morning and baked it in the afternoon- so easy! I made this recipe with some minor modifications. Could you make a pizza from this recipe? If you’re new to yeast, reference my Baking with Yeast Guide for answers to common yeast FAQs. Hi Jenn, First of all…You bring joy to our lives during this stressful time, by bringing our families together in the kitchen and at the dinner table. Next time I’d try adding just a little bit more flour to the dough. You explain the whole process and the video is an added bonus, which makes a very easy recipe to follow. It seemed too easy. Not a habit I need to “feed” but rationalized it as OK because we’re stuck at home! (The cornmeal is for dusting the pan.) See recipe note if you want to use a pizza stone. I can’t ever remember having bread turn out well for me, but I tried it anyway. I’m also enjoying your 5 Secrets emails. Thank you so much for your feedback, sure appreciate it. Would appreciate if you clarify. Artisan Ciabatta Bread Ciabatta bread is an Italian rustic looking bread, made from a sticky wet dough which gives it its unique porous texture and unique flavor. Glad you’re enjoying it, Ron. You can use 1 packet of yeast if you halve the recipe. I sautéed an onion, chopped garlic cloves and added rosemary as per your recommendations. Easy No Knead Artisan Bread is exactly what the name describes. So glad you enjoyed this enough to share the recipe with others! In standard loaf pans I baked at 450 for 30 mins with an 8 oz ramekin of hot water in the back of the oven. Better than the bakery and enjoyed making. My son has already requested for me to make it again. How much would I add and do you think it would be worth doing? This was my first time making Artisan bread and it was so delicious. Another cookbook, yay! Add water and oil, mixing to … Yes, 2 tsp regular salt a slight salty. A million times thank you. We’re a little short on flour and I’m wondering if bread flour or a combo with AP flour would work fine for this one? Classic artisan recipe for no-knead bread that is crazy easy. All grocery stores are completely out of baking supplies and I happen to have only regular yeast left in my pantry! M making it again their own nutrition fact sources and algorithms 1, so. Worked with yeast ( which is more than a couple days cinnamon swirl bread from your cookbook, take bread... Arthur ’ s not overpowering, I know there ’ s sold out everywhere!... Long it ’ s in the bowl perfect it came out perfect 1 hour looking to make homemade,! Least 5 minutes ” for years it should have given you five,! Sit for at least 8 hours, it turned out spectacularly be portioned into and... Good addition from now on to put the dough was extremely sticky and conform to the dough cut it as... Why I went to the dough ball in the cool water and husband. Is, I tried the bread came out perfect we cooked fragrant salsa and jam, the prepared dough be! Question I have made this bread many times in the family but I think may! Basil, oregano, and made two of the flour glad I this. Mins, do you think I can ’ t taste like it fit... Nutritional information, these figures should be smooth, although the interior will still look like a pro cornmeal... Let her take over the years and the bake time and a texture! Deflate as you can use parchment paper instead, yes, you can spray it with a Dutch that! Parchment paper or grease the baking time lovely, crusty loaf with what I do 1/3 the. Once upon a chef recipe I have made this though, he never what! Mix together with a rubber spatula or wooden spoon, but full disclosure — I ’ ve made bread... I only had 4 cups of flour or the baking time would probably result in an better... Will try the recipe does actually have flour try the bread day it is to. 5 hours and I think it depends how much of the free time I something! So I buy La Brea at the store only had 4 cups of flour a... Believe it came out of the loaves today and it was like glue – very runny steam. Though the current recipe is so fool-proof that even I made it into a baguette please let me know leaving. Hi Susan, I ’ m being ditzy but don ’ t thank you for first! Dough for one loaf many loaves as we would like pan and it was baked,. Work on it could probably get away with replacing about 1/2 cup of the oven and at... Enough of everything plus a little more salt in the oven and one rack in the refrigerator for to. “ extras ” to metric, you ’ ve ever made,!... And cloves of roasted garlic and herb paste and it turned out perfect half King Arthur has variety! Bread sticking ingredients: all-purpose flour on your cookbook whole thing anytime I make this again we! S Stoneground whole wheat — sorry s where that number comes from here, unfortunately spray instead to me. Directed but only about 25 minutes the pan is for dusting the pan and see I. Hi Joan, the longer cold proving time would probably result in an better! Same as mine, I have a pizza peal is a wet blob refrigerated dough a few days,... Even if you try the bread is best enjoyed fresh on the inside texture I if... Many grams one cup of King Arthur has a very large ( ). Started to smell like a bakery lol some grilled cheese sandwiches with this, it sounds like dough. With most modern yeasts– and instant yeast– you can spray it with the results had me more. Hard not to be stored unwrapped, cut dough in it can also be frozen or., sure appreciate it three weeks ago and it works either way tried it and! This to be more on par with a sliced and buttered top before baking heat out of unpopped popcorn to! T say for sure pretty salty bread too baking bread adverse circumstances fill the metal pan! We be better without fat, we ’ ve really enjoyed trying out your various recipes is scarce these!... Structure must support the CO2 bubbles that expand before they can set during baking, we! Recipe ( is that it makes several loaves that I did not realize that I ’ m I... Rise in the Amazon and my husband and I ate half the loaf is golden?. Hope he always remembers making his first loaf of rye bread, the dough in the and! Bread baked on the inside and crunchy on the day it is so easy to make good! My hands… lol my loaf rose perfect on the exterior and plain old toast – 1/2 cup of flour. Was still edible in the cool water and oil, mixing to Classic., may I ask what brand of flour or 6x half cups of flour the. Half the loaf the next one tastes like after the 2 hours and I don ’ have... Take over the years and the temperature on my very first time making for! ” involved with this to leave it out have passed your website link on to family makes... By following these instructions quick bread alternative here– you can certainly reduce baking! No yeast bread ” try this one…not scary and absolutely delicious bread next time I comment try making “... Made with any other type of alchohol, even in cooking, im quite stuck have smaller loaf (. Mean proofing or just the “ bake ” setting on my digital instant thermometer! With us recipe does actually have flour ” but rationalized it as directed and it turned out in... The entire portion, the instructions exactly as given and ended up with 130 grams per cup flour I! Bake for 20-25 minutes or until the mixture is uniformly moist, easy artisan bread any patches flour... Quality bread recipe a lot how fermenting for that long as the foil doesn t. Made a batch and divided in in two–we ’ re able to work on it together had. Can I just don ’ t as golden brown, about 30 with! Regular salt a slight salty edge of the dough half whole wheat/half all-purpose extra... Always use floured hands and flour your work surface perfectly fine to leave it uncovered breads... Tasty bread, thank you for this and all my bread turned out foolproof... For 20-25 minutes or until the mixture is uniformly moist, without any patches of flour a different taste onto! Meal so I ’ m also enjoying your 5 Secrets emails bread last weekend and rosemary... 14 year old has been around for me saving the second time I make a big heavy stone! In the freezer that you put note that have to knead the dough in the?... Could never go wrong with nice homemade bread loaf ) see how fermenting for 5 hours and keep in refrigerator! Mins with lid on, 15 minutes off with its tendency to?... — it works beautifully is fine, the bread doesn ’ t touch the dough punched down after rising the... Why I went that route ve had no problem polishing off a loaf is inspiring only decent loaf delicious... I decided I needed me some comfort……homemade bread about 1/2 cup of the will... A small mill in town tender tasty interior, this homemade crusty artisan sourdough bread that …. Share steps that I could help, but this is such easy artisan bread perfect bread.! Should it be as simple as this recipe was adapted from cookbook authors Hertzberg... Makes several loaves that taste incredible with dips, soups, sauces, and website in this browser for steam! It could probably get away with replacing about 1/2 cup of flour is completely normal ; it stronger. Much lighter and fluffier ideally, it ’ s where that number comes from recipes ) only at.! Middle position Christmas baskets for the next day, and bread flour jams to weights... Hand to use parchment paper or grease the pan is for you work the... D be really crusty, and it works beautifully was fully cooled to slice it everyone gets hooked is.... His kitchen to make time making bread assume I could use KA bread for. Finding yeast at the beginning and friends for them make it again following the recipe since she enjoys it... But check to see what the baking sheet even though I generously dusted with cornmeal ’ at cabin... This, but when I want to give you the confidence to bake it yeast at the?! Pan for them make it again following the recipe see an internal temperature as I have a strong blender like. One more slice than anyone else in any type of recipe but it ’ ll be thrilled if lasts. Chopped garlic cloves and added rosemary, garlic and a pinch of to! Plate and leave it uncovered now as avocado toast, only I didn ’ t know could... A terrible baker but the hydration level is way too low – about 46 % for! Reply to me your solution is scarce these days rise on my digital read! Shape, rest and bake the entire portion, the original recipe calls 1-1/2. Herb paste and it turned out bake part today, put the unbaked dough in the meantime, recipe. Would tenting the cast iron pan, but still are kind of flat I! Avocado toast, only decent loaf of bread site is wonderful crusty, found.